Difficult economic circumstances in Michigan and throughout the country have led to an increase in individuals and businesses defaulting on debt. Unfortunately, this has placed additional stress on businesses, which have had more difficulty collecting payment for goods and services. 

Obviously, when businesses struggle to collect debt, their cash flow suffers, putting them at risk. J.D. Praasterink helps individuals and businesses in Mackinac, Luce, and Chippewa Counties, as well as the rest of the Eastern Upper Peninsula to collect debts and accounts that are owed to them so they can keep their own finances on track. J.D. has extensive knowledge of state and federal debt collection law and is skilled in securing payment for his clients. Among the situations he handles are:

  • Business-to-business collections
  • Collections for out-of-state creditors
  • Collections on bad checks
  • Replevin / claim and delivery
  • Liens
  • Motions to freeze assets
  • Skip tracing
  • Demands for payment
  • Asset location
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Garnishments

St. Ignace Debt Collection Attorney

J.D. Praasterink understands that one of the most challenging aspects of running a business, particularly a small or family business, is collecting debt. Using the services of a debt collection attorney offers a number of benefits. For business owners, having an attorney pursue unpaid debts allows them to keep their attention focused on the work of their business, and to avoid debt-collection practices that could threaten their business image or reputation, especially in the age of social media. A debt collection attorney knows how to collect payments in accordance with Michigan and federal law, and when the time has come to escalate from demands for payment to a lawsuit.

Individuals who are owed debts often have even less leverage than businesses do to collect what is owed them. Involving an experienced St. Ignace debt collection attorney can make evasive debtors willing to return phone calls, and make payment arrangements.

Help from a debt collection attorney is not an expense; it's an investment that reduces your stress and increases your cash flow. Contact St. Ignace attorney J.D. Praasterink today for a free consultation to learn more how he can help you or your business collect on unpaid debts and accounts. 

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