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Due to the uncertain economy of the last several years, many hard-working, responsible people who never thought they would consider bankruptcy find themselves doing just that. The reality is that anyone can find himself facing job loss, overwhelming… Read More

Credit Counseling

With limited exceptions, § 109(h) of the Bankruptcy Code requires that all individual debtors who file for bankruptcy relief on or after October 17, 2005, receive a briefing that outlines the available opportunities for credit counseling and provide… Read More

Business Law

J.D. Praasterink provides legal services to businesses in Mackinac County, Chippewa County, Luce County, Emmet County, Cheboygan County, and the other counties of northern Michigan. Because J.D. himself owns and operates a business in St. Ignace,… Read More


Difficult economic circumstances in Michigan and throughout the country have led to an increase in individuals and businesses defaulting on debt. Unfortunately, this has placed additional stress on businesses, which have had more difficulty collectin… Read More

Criminal Defense

Attorney J.D. Praasterink is committed to protecting and defending the constitutional rights of individuals charged with crimes in Michigan’s eastern Upper Peninsula. Everyone, whether they have been falsely accused or made an error in judgment… Read More

Estate Planning and Probate

Michiganders work hard to provide for their families. Hard work isn't enough, unfortunately, for those who fail to make an estate plan. Estate planning is not just for the rich; parents with minor children need estate plans, as do people who prefer… Read More

Family Law

You may be able to begin a Michigan family law case after much careful thought, or you may have been drawn into a case because your partner has started a divorce action and then served you with a complaint. No matter how you become involved in a c… Read More

QDROs, EDROs, and DROs

For many divorcing couples, their most valuable asset, often worth more than the marital home, is their retirement accounts. Retirement plans and pensions are also some of the most complex assets to divide in a divorce. They may have been earned in p… Read More

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions can be complicated by legal errors, title disputes, delays, and a multitude of other factors. While real estate agents are helpful and knowledgeable, their job is to assist clients in selling or in locating and buying propert… Read More

Traffic Tickets

If you have received a traffic citation or traffic ticket for speeding, tailgating (following too close), carrying an overweight load, or any number of citations or tickets, then there are consequences to your driver’s license and automobile in… Read More

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